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Thanks for checking out our Autographed Wrestling Merch Page! These items come with a COA from Pro Wrestling Warehouse. These items were signed over the years at events I covered as a photographer and reporter while working for just about every Wrestling magazine company there was back in the day. Lots of these Autographed items were also signed at some of my TASW Wrestling shows, or Wrestling Conventions, or other personal appearances. Many of these items are pretty hard to find. On most of these Autographed items we only have 1 of each. Place your order today before they are gone. 


Most of our Autographed items are in very good condition for their age. Some items might have some slight wear on them. If you need to know a better description of the condition of a certain item your interested in just let us know.  


We still have at least another 500 or more Autographed Wrestling items to get listed. If you don’t see what your looking for keep checking back with us, or send us a list of Autographed items your looking for. We just might have them. 

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